Distressed M&A

If the viable solution is a sale of part or all of the business on a going concern premise, we deliver a concerted, tightly managed and expeditious sale process to maximize value and benefit all participants. Our approach is to determine what assets may have value outside of the existing organization and management and to whom. Examples include: patents, trademarks, trade names, product lines, brand names, trade-styles, proprietary processes or information, key personnel or a particular location, market, vendor or customer.

The next step is the identification of potential buyers, a value rationale for each, opening of a dialogue, and delivery of information necessary to formulate a bid. Typically the most likely buyer will become the “stalking horse” bid or opening bid. The process must be tightly controlled, bidders stringently qualified and the winning bid awarded in as short a time frame as possible. Creativity is critical as is the ability to spot value, and create order from chaos to ensure a good outcome. And, of course, it all has to be done fast, very fast.